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Giorgia Oldano was born in 1984 in Turin.

She has found  in drawing the best way to express herself, to arouse emotions and to represent what in nature is slowly dissolving. Animals are the charismatic protagonists of her drawings. Her subjects are interpreted in a personal and enchanting manner; through this vision Giorgia brings to her audience the excitement of an unexpected encounter. Her paintings loudly transmit the call of freedom and purity of the Universe.


Giorgia graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin, in 2016 she moved to Milan, taking with her, her studio La Tana. In this intimate space she enjoys her solitude and she creates her works. Self-criticism is also a fundamental phase for her, exibitions and events help her to get a feeling from her audience, listening to opinions and advices.

Since 2016 it has begun a close collaboration with Salamon Fine Art Gallery in Milan.


From 2014 she decided to devote herself exclusively to the pencil drawing, technique that will lead to evolve her work deepening the study of animals in their natural environment.
In 2017 she enthusiastically resumes the engraving techniques, especially the monotype. With her monotypes her sensitivity towards the animal world is declined in an almost fairytale way. So the natural and animal elements become a reason and pretext to tell the stories of the world of children's books.


In 2012 she won the prize for Best Wildlife Italian Artist. This national contest gave her the unique opportunity to travel to Africa, observing the amazing wild life found throughout  Malawi and Zambia.

In 2013 she won as International Artist in the Mammals category at BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 competition in England.

In 2013 and 2014, and from 2017 until 2020 she was selected to show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum for the prestigious annual exhibition BIRDS IN ART, in central Wisconsin.

In 2017 he won the first prize of the Be Natural / Be Wild contest organized by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella during Selvatica Arte e Natura in Festival, the only Italian event dedicated to Wildlife Art.


She consider herself a disordered dreamer, who believes that a part of her will always remain a child, nourished by books, colored by music, photography and nature.

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