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The gifted artist and naturalist, Giorgia Oldano (Torino, 1984), continues to explore a favorite theme, Wildlife. Alongside her already consolidated and prize-winning graphite drawings, she has added monotype printmaking, the only printmaking technique which intends to produce a single, unique artwork.

Giorgia’s approach in monotype is unusual, given her method of building her images by printing over them multiple times, allowing her to create foregrounds, middle grounds and backgrounds. The materials she uses are leaves, feathers, pieces of cloth and different fabrics, all chosen for the marks and textures they leave on the paper. The impressions of their veins, weft, shafts, fluff become a means of expression and provide decorative detail. Her subjects are animals and plants and their stories are told by inking these materials and impressing them on paper.

Nature and its elements provide the motif and the means for her to tell stories, many taken from the world of literature. She has a preference for those authors who use metaphors of nature to tell tales of and to explore the human soul. Among those authors who have inspired her the most are Henry David Thoreau, Alberto Moravia, Hermann Hesse, Rudyard Kipling.

She teaches etching and printmaking at the Fondazione Federica Galli in Milan and she collaborates with Salamon Fine Art Gallery in Milan an Al Minuto' Gallery in Verbania.


In 2012 she won the prize for Best Wildlife Italian Artist. This national contest gave her the unique opportunity to travel to Africa, observing the amazing wild life found throughout  Malawi and Zambia.

In 2013 she won as International Artist in the Mammals category at BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 competition in England.

In 2013 and 2014, and from 2017 until 2020 she was selected to show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum for the prestigious annual exhibition BIRDS IN ART, in central Wisconsin.

In 2017 he won the first prize of the Be Natural / Be Wild contest organized by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella during Selvatica Arte e Natura in Festival, the only Italian event dedicated to Wildlife Art.


She consider herself a disordered dreamer, who believes that a part of her will always remain a child, nourished by books, colored by music, photography and nature.

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